Here's what our participants say about us:


Testimonials from Youth Participants

It made a very big impact on my life and the way I think about sexual activity and how I treat women now. I never knew that just cause you were dating didn’t mean you had consent all the time! I thought that because we were dating I could just do anything I wanted and she would be alright with it. But no, it opened my eyes and taught me that women have the right to say no.
— Male participant, Age 17, Harbord C.I., TDSB
I did not realize that consent is more than someone not saying “no”. This is a little disturbing and I will not say why here. I am grateful that I have participated in this workshop.
— Male participant, Age 16, Harbord C.I., TDSB
It was really helpful and scary to look at how black female bodies are perceived by the representations of us on magazines and online. I found that it was not something usually talked about in school but is the reality of our culture. Also, American Apparel ads are scary.
— Female participant, Age 15, Lakeshore C.I., TDSB
The video was very illuminating in that I felt uncomfortable with my privilege. As a male who considers myself a very socially-active person, it was the first time I felt on a more visceral, basic level what it means not to have that privilege and understood in more than just words. The most effective part of your presentation I found to be the effect of using this video before the discussion of advertisements and movies because it made me feel something of the female experience and made me feel sick about how much we sexualize and diminish women in our media culture.
— Male participant, Age 15, Ursula Franklin Academy, TDSB

Testimonials from Educators and Professionals

…We know that there is a high need for this dialogue right now and we have seen the powerful impact these workshops have made upon the students that have already participated in the workshops.

The young women in Bad Subject are excellent presenters, relate extraordinarily well with young people as youths themselves and are impressively passionate and dedicated to their cause… I have watched through grow beyond any youth-led initiative on gendered violence that I’ve seen. I cannot imagine a more powerful duo working with youth on these extremely thorny issues.
— Janice Gladstone, V.P. at Harbord C.I., TDSB
...The boys in my class were particularly receptive and opened up with questions and comments. The workshops not only gave my students practical skills to understanding and gaining consent, but also empowered them to know that they can be allies to others and continue to speak out if they see people contributing to rape culture. I was very impressed with the facilitation style and the connection that formed between my students and the facilitators. The workshops accompanied my teaching, but once again took it a step further, and I am confident that my students walked out more informed and will be more conscientious going forward.
— Emily Harris, English Teacher at Lakeshore C.I., TDSB
Your presentation at our staff PD was excellent. You really had people thinking critically about rape culture, consent and other issues affecting our female-identified students. Because the experience of being a modern youth is ever-changing, facilitated discussions like these with adults are paramount to fostering empathy, trust and understanding. You responded to our questions with grace and wisdom. You helped contextualize the concept of a “dress code” and how it is perceived by students, providing us with strategies to enforce our community agreements and values whilst engaging our students more productively and with greater confidence. It’s obvious that your experience working with diverse groups of students and adults has provided you with a broad perspective and has informed your approach to delivering these valuable workshops. Bad Subject continues to grow and develop with every presentation and I look forward to working with you again very soon!
— Caitlin Dacey, English Teacher at Ursula Franklin Academy, TDSB